Monday, December 19, 2011

ALL NEW DAIHATSU XENIA more atractive and dynamics.

Finally, the latest generation of Xenia officially released, the car is a collaboration between Daihatsu and Toyota has now changed its model.
although the design still reflects the Xenia, but many fundamental changes in the All New Daihatsu Xenia (ANX).

in addition to aerodynamic, Forms of high 7 - seater MPV retained, to accommodate carrying capacity and road conditions. But the body gets enough change. With the end of the A-pillars, which advanced 50 cm. Side view is wide enough though reduced coefisient of drag (CD) from 0.35 to 0.32 in other words ANX is more aerodynamic.
The aerodynamic, also applied to the larger mirror. so that a wider view of backward, but the designs have a groove that could split the wind.
meanwhile, the front bumper is equipped with a larger air dam so as to the better engine cool.

It should be noted in addition to having the design of new front and rear lights, this car also has a washer with spread spray, like a Toyota Kijang Innova washer, and have a new door handle-handle grip models (type pull handle older model) with a large basin so as to prevent scratches caused by fingernail. While at the stern there is now opening door handle, unlike the previous generation which should open out from under the driver's seat.

Rear bumper was already equipped with a light reflector. and do not be afraid of losing gas cap, because it is equipped with gas cap mounting strap. And of all exterior changes, ANX body looks bigger and more spacious interior finished. for example, roomy trunk space without having to folding the seat. overall because it increases the length of 2 cm and 3 cm wide.

Also increases the flexibility of the cabin, split rear seat that can accommodate two people or goods. then the middle seat can be folded with one touch (one-touch tumble) and sliding as far as 6 cm.
Moreover, double blower air-conditioning, closed with vinyl ceiling also new door panels plus the locking lever door handle integrated within. And added the features of child lock for rear doors. And the cab sector more attractive again, because there is a new dashboard design with an attractive two tone color. Dark gray hue (the most luxurious variant) and dark gray-beige, which houses the instrument panel and new indicators.

AC knob design more fresh. but interestingly there is cold air vents above the central air conditioning grille which serves cold air blowing backward. which also can be caught by evaporator on the double blower type which makes back air conditioner becomes colder.

 This new design steering wheel with three spokes form and is equipped with EPS (electronic power steering), which presumably could reduce fuel consumption, and still has a collapsible steering column, and at the highest variants equipped with tilt stering.

 Source: Tabloid Otomotif November 2011 with some changes of my words, Hopefully the article, ALL NEW DAIHATSU XENIA, more attractive and dynamic is useful and can help for you, Thanks Regards


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