Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOYOTA FORTUNER 2.7 G A/T 2006, family SUV

Toyota Fortuner. This car has a masculine impression because it has a stout body design, pure equipped with a capacity of 2694 cc engine vvt-i technology, the car is capable of crossing the tracks in the city or outside the city to the extreme though.

But for the suspension sector that many users complained Toyota Fortuner dings rather harsh suspension, the solution can replace  with aftermarket spiral shock absorber that has a progressive type.

Then there are other complaints which in terms of Air Conditioning, Rear Passengers have complained a few gusts of air conditioning is not up, and usually passengers who sat in the third row seat.

As for the engine, the Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly, and fair if some owners complained that the car is pretty much consuming fuel, especially petrol engine variants.

Engine capacity: 2649 cc
Configuration engine: 4 cylinder DOHC VVT-i
Transmission: 4 speed A / T
Vehicle tax: IDR 3.378 million


Handling a steady
sturdy design
The capacity of qualified machinery


Fuel consumption is quite wasteful
The suspension is rather hard
Blowing air conditioning is less strong


Market price of this car is still around IDR 268 million, and if you propose this car with credit for 3 years to spend IDR 53 600 million for a Down Payment.
But for your first payment on compulsory pay IDR that cos 75 963million, because they have to pay insurance TLO, administration, and provisioning. As for the monthly installment you pay IDR 7 384million.

Down payment: IDR 53.6 million
Installment: IDR 7.3849 million
TLO Insurance: IDR 10.854 million
Administration: 1.125 million
Fees: IDR 1,000,000
Total payment 1: IDR 75.963 million
Sources: Lotec Auto Car, tel: 021-845932108

Measuring Service Charges
Oil filter: IDR 96 000
Air Filter: IDR 361 000
Fuel filter: IDR 355 000
Front brake: IDR 530 000
Rear brake: IDR 410 000
Tierod: IDR 230 000
Long tierod: IDR 755 000
Sources: Tunas Toyota Jatiwaringin. Tel: 021-8497200

This article is a collection of consulting that come from the Otomotif  Tabloid,  November 2011 edition, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article on TOYOTA FORTUNER G A / T 2006 can be helpful and useful for you Thanks wassalamualaikum...

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