Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NEW TOYOTA VIOS G M/T 2010, fuel saver and speed maker

The first was born was almost perfect, the powerful engine and fuel consumption is quite economical to make this car dubbed the fuel saver and speed maker. Arm in 1500 cc engine with VVT-I, engine code 1 NZ-FE. 

Engine and aerodynamic body design has managed to steal the attention of the Indonesian market. But a little less comfort in the back seat, because that is too upright seating position makes the body so quickly exhausted if a long trip. Although it can still load the rear seat 3 adult passengers. 

Speedometer on a Toyota Vios design is fairly innovative and informative, because it can display information such as vehicle fuel consumption and mileage. But some owners complained about the Vios-check engine indicator light often, this is due to problems in the sensor cable in the machine that causes the sensor cannot provide data to the computer, so the ECU commands the engine to work in safe mode.

There is another one that is somewhat troublesome prospective users, call it the hidden location of the engine number which will make it difficult when you want to know the validity of the numbers at the time of the machine and the maintenance of the letters vehicle. For engine sector as very minimal problem, as long as you adhere to schedule and perform substitute service the oil regularly. Because of a NZ-FE engine is already well-known recalcitrant.

Engine capacity 1500 cc VVT-i
Engine configuration 4 cylinder 1NZ-FE
Transmission 5-speed manual
Fuel consumption 12 km / liter in the city, 16.3 km / liter out of town

• The engine is well-known stubborn and strong
• Save Fuel
• control of qualified

• Power windows are often jammed
• One of the front headlamp bulbs often break
• Tie-rod front of the fast is broken

Car prices in the market ranges from RP 185 million. If you take the credit for 4 years with a down payment of IDR 27750 million, the installments to be paid each month is IDR 4554 million
But for the first payment you are required to spend IDR 54241 million because they have to pay insurance and all risk fiduciary deed along with the administration.

Selling price IDR 185 million
Installment IDR 4854
Administration of the deed + fiduciary IDR 1280 .000
All risk insurance IDR 20 million
Total payment 1 IDR 54.241 million
Sources: Mobil 88 Kalimalang phone 021-8650688

This car is still fairly new for 2010 assembly, in the manual are encouraged to do great service every 10000 km. But there are interesting programs offered by Toyota for its loyal customers, which is free periodic servicing fees for 3 years and get a subsidy of 1 liter Toyota Genuine Motor Oil  for 3 years, free form Auto 2000. You will only be charged if there is the cost of replacement parts, interesting isn't...

Oil filter IDR 84 000
Air Filter IDR 191 000
Fuel filter IDR 791 000
Front brake IDR 680 000
Rear brake IDR 451 000
Tierod IDR 318.000 x2
Long tierod IDR 513 000 x2
Source Jati K. Tunas Toyota tel 021-84972000

I hope the article on used cars NEW Toyota Vios GM / T 2010 can help and be useful for you..
This article was sourced from the Otomotif tabloid in October 2011, with the change of my word. Thanks Your respectfully...

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