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SUZUKI WAGON R / KARIMUN ESTILO M/T 2010 lack and excess.

Who does not know Suzuki Wagon R? The model is a small, and frugal fuel consumption at a price that is affordable enough for the young year's car. Friendly called Suzuki Karimun Estilo in Indonesia is quite legendary as a pioneer city-car in Indonesia. Suzuki Karimun Estilo is configured to use 3-cylinder engine, Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC), with a capacity of 1061 cc which this is owned Kartilo (short Karimun Estilo) injection system. Enough for use in the city. But that does not mean Karimun Estilo is not qualified for use outside the city, though only a 1061 cc engine equipped but so agresive. In terms of engine and suspension this car has not been any complaints fairly fatal, it's just a little vibration at the first aceleration that comes from the axle, but it was common for a typical three-cylinder engine, just like Nissan Micra (March called in Indonesia).

Data Specifications. Engine capacity1061 cc 3 cylinder SOHC Configured Engine. Engine type  F10D 3 cylinder in line. Manual 5-speed transmission. Engine Spec, Bore x Stroke 73 x 79.5 mm. With Maximum Power 65/6200 Ps/Rpm. Maximum torque is able to issue 84/3500 Nm/Rpm.  With Fuel Injection System. 35 liter tank capacity. Equipped with Electronic Power Steering. For passenger comfort, Front suspension Mcpherson Strut, paired with torsion type roll control device. Rear wheels using Coil spring with gas filled shock absorbers. Ventilated Disc Brakes Front and Rear using Drum brakes type. Tire Size 155/65 R13.

Car dimensions. Length 3.600 mm. Width 1.475 mm. Height 1.595 mm. Axis wheels distance 2.360 mmfront distance  1.295 mm, rear distance 1.290 mm​​. with the body low distance 165 mm. And empty weight 1275 kg. For the excess, parking is fairly easy, because of the compact. And economical fuel consumption. Plus a view of the wheel easily monitored with the obvious. And for the shortcomings. Only to the vibration of the axle, which some owners often complain about it, and need extra attention about the coupling set.

Measuring the cost of service. This car serviced every 10,000 km. For the cost of service is still free to 20,000 km. At 10,000 km, the total cost of the replaced parts is IDR 203 182, while at 20,000 km, the total cost of IDR 468818 for the parts. At 30,000 km, the cost of services has begun to be calculated, the total cost of repairs is IDR 458182. At 30000 km service charge will be equal to the service at 50000 km, 70000 km and 90000 km. Meanwhile the major service done at 40000 km. the following total of cost services is IDR 1907909, of this service will be repeated at 80000 km. Next on the 60000 km service also includes a lot of replacements, though not as much on servicing 40000 km. Total cost of service at 60000 km is IDR 783 818. (for Indonesia).

Fast Moving Spare Parts Price List. Oil filter IDR 42000. Air filter IDR 194000, fuel filter IDR 123700. Front brake lining  IDR 416000. Rear brake lining IDR 456000. Tierod IDR 100200 x 2. Long tierod IDR 80200 x 2  (for Indonesia)
Sources: Suzuki Bintaro tel: 021 7455901.

This article was sourced from Automotive Tabloid March 2011 edition of 389, with the change of my word. Hopefully this article about the Suzuki Wagon R - Karimun Estilo MT 2010 can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks  wassalamualikum.


  1. 3 silinder ko 4 segaris.....gimana nih tolong diedit yg bener...

  2. ok thanks ya, udah di edit, 3 silinder, DOHC 12 klep.

    kalo yg mau karimun lebih halus dan getaran as roda tdk terasa pakai PIVOT RHIZIN ignition.booster

    info:yg tahun 2007 1st launch estillo 4 cylinder 1061 cc yg 2009~keatas 3 cylinder 988 cc...

  4. o iya mas kebalik, udah diedit maas thanks ya mas, dicoba nih pivot rhizinnya biar getaran makin halus and tarikan maksimal,dan pasti bbm jadi tambah irit.


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