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HYUNDAI TRAJET GL8 (2004-2007)

Hyundai Trajet GL8. It’s used prices starting from IDR 75 million. Hyundai Trajet GL8 is a cheaper version from Hyundai Trajet GLS. This variant launched by PT. Hyundai Mobil Indonesia between the years 2004-2007.

There was no fog lamp and roof rail on this car. The black color on the door handle, and rim cans in the sector are some exterior traits, which distinguish the GLS variant. The main difference appears in the cabin from seating configurations on line two, the model is no longer adopt a model captain seat, so the GL8 cabin can be fit by the 8 passengers, while the GLS variant only seven passengers only. Engine specifications body, chassis, and the majority of features, similar with GLS. Market price of these cars ranges between IDR 75 million - 105 million, the owners rarely want to release this car, so is rather difficult to see in the used car market.

Features.  Completeness of feature that carried the GL8 variant not much different from the GLS variant. Such as power windows, electric mirrors, central door lock, double blower air-conditioning, roof mounted digital clock. Judging the age of this car, consider all the functionality of these features, particularly the air conditioning and power windows.

Problem is in cars AC, of which emerged a buzzing from compressor, and not cool, if not cold to the source of the problem usually comes from leakage or hose expansion evaporator and the drier that end. Actually, this problem can be prevented if the owner do the treatment of AC routinely, and do not forget to replace the pollen filter, which acts to filter the air that circulates inside the cabin. Pollenfilter useful addition to the circulating air to keep it clean, it also prevents dirt landed on the evaporator, so that fungi do not breed there.

Pay attention for under the car. These checks shall be given, because this car ground clearance is quite low, and it uses front-wheel drive system. Engine crankcase into the area most prone to scour.. To ensure the condition of the suspension and steering, you should do a road test.
Principally, the more lively sound that appears, then the more the cost of repairs that need to be prepared. Considering construction of gravity is focused in front of the vehicle due to the presence of front-wheel drive system, and then you should do a thorough check of all components of the front wheels. The most vulnerable part of the problem that is ball joint, tierod, steer rack and arm bushing. Do not neglect to see the condition of the boot drive shaft or kokel, when torn and there is a metal sound when turning, it means kokel asked to be replaced.
Advantages adoption of the front-wheel drive system allows the floor of the cabin is made ​​flat. Foot space would not be disturbed by the tunnel coupling as well as existing on Toyota Kijang Innova. Other advantages, the weight of the vehicle may be cut because absences of rear axle, then clearly the effect of more efficient fuel consumption.

ENGINE. 2000 cc engine is a typical problem, try to look at when it came a buzzing, the rhythm follows the engine speed, the higher the engine speed the louder the hum sound. Likely, the source of the problem from the crankshaft pulley damper that is made of rubber. Characteristics, sometimes marked by the sound of squeaking belt crankshaft. Alternatively, the timing belt tensioner components is problematic, it could be the previous owners neglect this part replacement, as do the timing belt replacement. Another problem is light but annoying, that is the loss of ignition, consequently when the ignition is turned, and engine will not run. O yes it’s the ignition switch price of IDR 125 thousand and there are similarities with the Mitsubishi L300...

Body. Trajet problematic part is usually in the back door, which cause noise when driving. The problem located on the thinning and hinge stopper who requested re-tuned. In addition to noise problems, at the back door the telescopic tube in the trunk. Alert if the leak, this part of about IDR 1 million

8 Passenger seat, this car's cabin can be loaded with 8 passengers. Unfortunately, the flexibility of setting the bench is not privileges. There are no sliding or folding feature that allows the sitting position is flexible, o yes note reclining lever function, because not infrequently found the back seat cannot be set on the normal upright position or lying down, reclining gear damage

This article was sourced from Tabloid Otoplus May 2011, with the change of my word.
Hopefully article about GL8 HYUNDAI Trajet (2004-2007) can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks wassalamualikum.

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