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NISSAN MARCH 1.2 Manual transmission review

Nissan March Manual Transmission. This car has many features, to fight in the Small hatchback class. 80 hp engine Power with 1198 cc. Having a comfortable suspension, that were injected the Renault technology. And also has a roomy cabin and sporty nuanced. The impression when gained when seats up this car feels soft. But do not be disappointed if the cross section of the front seat was a bit small, because adjusting the dimensions of the small body...

The driver's seat
backrest is equipped settings back and forth, and the seat height. But because it was so small cars, tuning done when the door is still open. Because the arm rest in door trim that extends to the rear blocking the arm to reach the height adjustment lever
While sitting behind the wheel, feel solid when holding the steering wheel In addition to a thick and so nice to grip. Do not forget to remember the location of the cap fuel line (tank lid) opening lever, which is usually located at the hood release levers are located. Its location is side by side with the hood release lever is located. Then, where the trunk opening lever?
Relax, will open automatically when the front door lever is pulled, both of the right or left door.

Very good view of all directions. Including views to the back of the rearview mirror. Unlike the current car which is difficult to monitor the front corner because a hood relatively high...
And at night the head lamp light is very bright.  With the difference in position between low beam and high beam which obvious. Very effective for travel out of town at night...
There are three things that reduce the ride comfort on the Nissan March. First. The location of the horn except less ergonomics, the horn is also often problematic if the point of suppression not right. Second.the location of power window buttons which are too forward, so hard to reach.
Third. Absence of lighting in the rear cabin or trunk, which is very useful when inserting and removing stuff in the evening...But it deserves thumbs up in a matter size of rear trunk, because of large size for the hatchback.

Performance, in the city with the traffic conditions which stop and go, Nissan March 5-speed manual transmission can achieve an average fuel consumption 1:13 km/liter, and this is the most economical consumption compared to other small hatchback variants.
Nissan March HR12DE three cylinder engine character's was flexible for use in the city. The most efficient anyway. What is important; just keep the range of 2-3 thousand of engine Rpm, in the range of Rpm such as that, mid panel shows the actual fuel consumption some 18 km / liter.

The lack. When stationary the engine vibration was higher than 4-cylinder engine, although Nissan has completed this car with the Oval Crank Pulley technology. Indeed, it has become a characteristic of 3-cylinder engines such as explosive torque at low rpm.
Character of the suspension. For a small hatchback Nissan March damping suspension quite soft. The character because of the long travel suspension. The cabin was a relief. Impressive if the hatchback design is compact. Incredibly. The Nissan March cabin does not impress as small outer body. Legroom and headroom which is usually an obstacle of small cars is not found in this car.

Cold AC. Generally air conditioning system which equipped with heater, not as cold non-heater.
But not with this car
, AC in the car is cold, although the fan knob in the position 1. And of course the position 3 and 4 are rarely used, because at position 2 alone, the cold blast was felt in the back...

Temperature indicators. Besides tachometers and speedometer, a car panel is also equipped mid (multi information display). A small screen bottom right corner of the indicator panel, the screen displays the odometer, trip meter, actual fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and left meter distance.

Left-meter distance indicator. Displays the distance that can be reached with the remaining fuel in the tank. Strangely, the temperature indicator disappear, replaced with indicator light which will turn on when the engine is having over heating ...

Article sourced from tabloid otoplus in July 2011, with the change of my word.
Hopefully this article on March Nissan Manual Transmission can be useful and helpful for you. Thanks regards...

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