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PROTON SAVVY AMT 2008 2 years maintenance.

PROTON SAVVY AMT 2008. Could be alternative city car vehicles,  Suitable for those who need a practical urban car and fun to maneuver. Well not make an empty pocket because is not very thirsty of fuel. The use of transmission Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT) may be said to be a breakthrough in transmission technology. Similar to Formula 1. Unfortunately for those of you who are not familiar with this transmission at first would make doubt, but if it is used will taste delicious gush of this car.

About the operation of the car is slightly different. Its normal operation is somewhat different from the automatic transmission in general, you definitely have to adjust themselves in advance with the operation of the transmission of this car. If you do intend to buy a city car from this Malaysia country, so look closely at the wheel sector, timing belt, fan motors, radiators, and transmissions. If necessary take it directly to Proton Authorized Workshops before the buying and selling is done.  so you will not be disappointed the back day.
young, it's worth examining in detail. Including its interior, a rehearsal and a smooth interior indicating the Proton Savvy owners take care of this before.

Excess of this car
Flexibility of the back seat is quite good
Have a fairly stable suspension
And the engine is quite responsive.

The head room is not high enough,
The steering wheel and pedal a little heavy,
Also good resale value has not been proven.

Measure service fees.
If you are interested in this car should not be too eager to bring home straight. Just tips, try to notice the existence of it’s service book. Understand it is an important history of "health" of this car, because of the book can you know if the former owner is diligent service the car according to the specified schedule.
Which must be assured you will be the fitness of this car. So you do not need to shell out more money to make the Proton Savvy is fit again, besides that you as the new owners to continue living alone treatment.

Estimated cost of treatment following 2 years old.
Oil filter: Rp 27000
For Engine oil: USD 335 000
For the cost of mechanical services: USD 135 000
Bengkel PROTON pondok indah. Telp : 021 7265567

The cost of this car Loan simulations. In Used car market, Savvy is quite affordable compared to other city car. Just look at official outlets Custom mobil below. Cars from Malaysia was ready to be released at a price of Rp 72 million.

When the price agreement has been reached, to be sure the merchant will ask for the type of payment you will take, whether in cash or credit, when it decided the second option, it will be offered credit period, the Custom car loans offered tenor is 3 years, the following details

2 years tenor
Selling Price: Usd 72 Million
Payment Of 25% Dp: Rp 18.25 Million
By Instalments: 1918000
Plus Insurance: Idr 2777000

3 Years Tenor
Selling Price: Usd 72000000
Payment Of 25% Dp: Usd 18.25 Million
Installment: Rp 2601000
Administration: Usd 750 000
Insurance: Usd 2160000
Custom mobil Kemayoran Tell: 0852-18003355.

This article was sourced from tabloid otomotif  in march 2011, with some changes of my words.
Hopefully article about The New 2008 Proton Savvy AMT is useful and helpful for you. Thank wassalamualikum

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