Thursday, October 6, 2011


Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel. Kijang remains as the previous generation, the concept still remains, and that is a comfortable family car and can carry many passengers. And more interestingly, this car has been able to consume diesel fuel in Indonesia, which quality is not so good.
And according to several mechanics, this second generation Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel more recalcitrant than the first generation. Maybe improvement of the quality so that consumers getting fell in love.

About the engine. The car is equipped with D4D diesel engine 4-cylinder common rail turbo diesel. With the addition of this turbo, obviously power and fuel use became more economical. Either way is perfectly adequate for use in the city and outside the city.

There have been complaints from car owners, the matter of power window on driver’s side, this is usually due to the high frequency of use and dirt which ultimately affects the performance of power windows.

Data specification toyota Kijang Innova Diesel
Engine capacity: 2,500 cc, configured 4-cylinder, common rail turbo diesel
Transmission: 5 speed Manual
Vehicle tax: IDR 2.5 million per year

The excess of this car, in terms of cabin comfort which maintained, as well as a reliable engine performance, plus the seat can be folded, so that it can ease access in and out the stuff, and for resale value is stable. Shortcomings, ranging from the stern which large so you would be more careful when you are around the narrowly corner, and also power windows on the driver's requires extra attention.

For the simulation the cost of a car loan with tenor of 3 years.
If you pay with Down Payment of 20%, the amount to be paid is IDR 44.6 million.  With installment of IDR 6.22 million, plus administrative IDR 575000, plus fiduciary Act IDR 400000, and all risk Insurance IDR 18996150. So the Total pays IDR 70761150.

For the price of fast moving spare parts

Oil filter: IDR 98000
Air Filter: IDR 362000
Solar filter: IDR 570000
Front brake: IDR 422000
Rear brake: IDR 632000
Tie rod: IDR 230 000 x 2
Long tie rod: IDR 754000

Sources: Tabloid Otomotif no 407 August 2011, with the change of my word.
I hope the article on the Toyota Kijang Innova 2010 Diesel manual transmission can be useful and helpful for you. Thanks yours respectfully

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