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This car Also called:
Isuzu AUV (Russia)
Isuzu Crosswind/Hi-Lander Crosswind
Isuzu Hi-Lander
Isuzu Leopard (china)

Is the most luxurious PANTHER variant since it was first introduced in 2004(Indonesia), compared with Panther Touring variant figure is not much different, all the same body ornaments.

The differences seen in the body molding the same color as the body, chrome trim on the window frame, body protector, turn signal lights on side mirrors and roof rails are standard equipments... Differences are not only made ​​an appearance Panther Grand Touring became more macho and luxurious, but also become more expensive the difference reached IDR 13 million from Touring Variants.

Unfortunate though bearing the Highest Caste, Grand Touring specifications especially on the matter of security is no different with Smart Variants. Who became the cheapest version in the New Panther family?  Never mind the Airbag, or ABS (Anti Lock Braking System), the Seat Belt in the second and third lines are absent from this car.  But if you noticed, mounting holes for the safety devices have been available in C-pillars of this car. Although the lack of security features, Panther has a Fanatic fans.

Engine  identical to the touring variant, with a capacity of 2499 cc Diesel Engine (Direct Injection) with Turbocharger,  coded 4ja-1L. Since 2007 PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) add components EGR (Enhanced Gas Recirculation), and Catalyc Converter. So that the car passed the Euro 2 emissions Test.

Although not many cases that arise, for who are interested in this model should be aware of the condition of Turbocharger.  Because since 2004 PT. IAMI takes off the turbo timer which actually has an important role to extend the life of the Turbocharger. With a Turbo Timer, the machine does not immediately off once the ignition is turned to the off position, but is still spinning 30 seconds
Few other things which should be of concern, the smoke coming out of tailpipe. Is a thick or thin, black or bluish-white colored. Each can be used as clues about the condition of the engine...
Next check Odometer. When touched the 100 thousand km beware of the condition of Timing Gear.

Unlike most of the cars, Panther does not use a Timing Belt or Timing Chain, but the Timing Gear, which much longer remaining life as long as regular oil changes. In addition feel also Engine Vibration which to the body. Panther equipped with two Engine Mounting and A Mounting Transmission, could be one of them or all three it was its time to be replaced.

Interior. As the most expensive variant is reasonable if Panther Grand Touring has a luxurious interior. Semi-lined leather seats, and cabin aura color combination of black and beige. and on the car that started circulating in 2007 spiked with tribal motifs on the interior. And is equipped with lights in door trim and center console box, plus a leather steering wheel and carpet-layer base color of the seat.

Wheel components the most often neglected of this car is the Wheel bearing. Especially often through the broken route. For the treatment of these components, must be lubricated every 60000 km. will cause noise problems if neglected. If it continues to be ignored will result in broken bearing and wheel off.


Chrome accents and body molding a differentiator among other variants. Part of the trouble-prone exterior is the Rear Door Hinges.  It is natural, because the location of the spare tire that hangs here.

Excess in this car is, the great engine power, economical diesel consumption, Spare parts readily available, and many enthusiasts of this car.. If the shortcomings, the engine power in the run-down feels less, vulnerable to problems diesel pump, wheel components wear out faster.

This article was sourced from Otoplus Tabloid
  Edition 51 June 2011, by changing the word from me. Hopefully this article on ISUZU PANTHER GRAND TOURING 2004-2010, Isuzu AUV (Russia), Isuzu Crosswind/Hi-Lander, Isuzu Leopard (china), can be useful and helpful for you, Thanks wassalamualaikum...

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