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Daihatsu Luxio. The models look great and prestige is the attraction of this car is in the eyes of consumers. And one to be taken into consideration is the price of this car in used market, also note some of the problems this car, especially around the cabin. This car is perfect for those of you who have a variety of purposes, ranging from passenger to load up stuff.

Daihatsu Luxio has a feature that is quite comfortable ranging from auto retract mirrors, AC double blower, add - on the front spoiler and wood trim panel at the door. About the suspension, of this car is quite comfortable. And because the pursuit of convenience it is problematic when cornering, the car feels a bit off balance when cornering. In addition, prospective buyers also need to consider the disturbance in the cabin, because often there is the sound of rubber windshield and right front seat belt. But this should not be a barrier for those of you who want to buy this car, because this problem easily solved. Simply by spraying liquid penetrate, and the problem is resolved.

Data specifications
Daihatsu Luxio configured 1,500 cc engine 4 cylinders in line, injection technology with variable valve timing (VVT-i). Transmission options are available 5 speeds manual and car tax is a number of IDR 1864600

Excess of this car, in addition to the cabin is roomy also the transmission of this car is easy to reach because it is located on the dashboard. Backward view of this car, very good. Although the car body is long but the stern easily monitored.
Now let's turn is car shortage. In terms of the car's suspension is fairly soft, but this is a problem when the car struck the corner, because it feels unsteady phenomena. In terms of entertainment for passengers are also incomplete. And another resale price of this car, a bit down.

Measure the cost of service
Daihatsu Luxio 2009 model is certainly still refers to the routine service at authorized workshops.
Now that the budget is not oversized, you should note the following estimates.
Daihatsu Luxio routine service performed at 10,000 miles. First performed at 10,000 miles the engine oil change and oil filter also spooring and wheel balancing.
The following total cost of services is IDR 876 600. The cost of servicing at 10000 km it is the same at 30000, 50000, and 70000 km. Meanwhile, at 20000, 60000, and 10000 km performed the replacement of engine oil, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, spooring balancing, and brake service. With a total cost of the following services IDR 1.1796 million. Then at 40000 km performed the replacement of engine oil, oil filters, spark plugs and air filter, spooring balancing, transmission oil and axle oil, brake fluid change, and the radiator drain, total cost of IDR 1.5006 million the following services....

Fast moving spare parts prices (in IDR)
Oil filter: 35000
Air Filter: 58000
Filter gasoline: 135 million
Front brake: 295 000
Rear brake: 230 000
Tie rod: 250,000
Sources: Daihatsu Bintaro Tel: 021-74861285

Simulation Of Car Ownership Loans (In IDR)
Selling price: 123 million
Dp 20%: 24.6 million
Installment 47 months: 2.85 million
Adm: 1.075 million
All risk insurance: 13.173 million
Total to pay: 41.698 million
Sources: Daihatsu cars car U-88 Bintaro

Source: Tabloid Automotive no 385 March 2011, with the change of my word.
Hopefully this article on Daihatsu Luxio XM / T 2009 can be useful and helpful for you, thanks Regards.

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