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Tips to buy used CHEVROLET CAPTIVA DIESEL A/T 2010

The model is rounded with a sporty flavor makes this car target of many people when a used car status. Probably because of comfort and have high ground clearance, and the former at an affordable price, especially the diesel versions, The Captiva Diesel

The Captiva Diesel have the greater power and more efficient fuel consumption, and this may be the main cause. But for those of you who want to buy the Captiva Diesel, need to be wary about the spec of diesel fuel, because the car was a little fussy when consuming poor-quality diesel fuel, directly cause of symptoms and the engine stalled, black smoke and issuing odor from the exhaust.

Car Ownership Loan Cost Simulation
If you are interested in buying this car this simulation may be a description for you. Just expect the price of this car is IDR 270 million, then the Down payment 20%, at IDR 54 million, but with a note, if the price listed is not binding, since the price of used cars in each of the showroom is different. Later in the illustration, the customer choose the tenor of three years (36 months) the monthly installment of IDR 7.89 million. Well since the first installment has been included on the first payment, the customer only pays the remaining 35 months..

Measuring Service Charges
Captiva Diesel periodic servicing is done every 7,500 miles, at 7.500km and 15,000 km service and spare parts costs are still free. Now, at 22 500 km performed replacing the engine oil and oil filters at a cost of IDR 1.07725 million. Next at 30,000 km, performed quite a lot of replacement parts, the engine oil, oil filter, diesel filter, automatic transmission oil and filter and air conditioned with a total cost of the following services are pretty much at IDR 1.9835 million. Meanwhile, on 37 500 km performed only on the replacement of engine oil and oil filter, the burden of the cost of IDR. 1.07725 million already included services. Captiva Diesel If you've entered the age of 45 000 km, the required service with the replacement of engine oil, engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and air conditioning with automatic transimsi total cost of IDR 2.709 million

Selling price: IDR 270 million
Down Payment 20%: IDR 54 million
Installment 35 months: IDR 7.89 million
Administration: IDR 975 000
TLO Insurance: IDR 12.15 million
Total: IDR 75.15 million
:  Sinar Mitra Sepadan via Sabda Utama Motor,
Old kebayoran street No 40. Telp: 0761 7201344
List of fast moving spare parts
Oil filter: IDR 160 000
Air Filter IDR 183 000
Solar filter: IDR 460 000
Front brake: IDR 850,000
Rear brake: IDR 480 000
Sources: Andalan Crisdeco Jaksel tel : 021 7396889

This article was sourced from Automotive Tabloid March 2011 edition of 389, with a change of words from me, hopefully This article on CHEVROLET CAPTIVA Diesel Automatic 2010 can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks, wasalamualikum.

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