Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Toyota Great Corolla or a familiar called "Greco" is still selling the used car market.
Because the model of durable and maintenance is easy and cheap, that's one factor that makes these cars still survive in the market of used cars.
From the technical side, 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1600 cc it is fairly durable and tough. And the matter of spare parts easy to find, even with gas consumption could still reach 1 liter to 9 km - 10 km. well this is important.

But the affair reminiscent of some mechanical problem on this sedan, power steering seal, front right engine mounting.  And the wheels such as; tie rods, axles, and ball joint. It has become a routine matter of this Toyota Great Corolla.
For this Greco excess.
Of steady handling, can be invited to lively
Spare parts are also components of the engine, and body parts available in the market evenly.
If prices return to normal conditions is very stable
On the part of the wheels and the power steering that need extra attention.
Also partially found, power windows, steering parts, like jam.
For the data specifications
Engine Capacity 1600 cc with a 4-cylinder inline engine configuration twincam, fuel injection.
Manual 5-speed transmission

Measure the Toyota Great Corolla service costs
Toyota Great Corolla usually regular servicing done every 5,000 miles, major service done every 40,000 km, 5,000 km done every engine oil change. And the manual transmission oil is usually replaced every 15,000 km, while the automatic transmission oil changed every 40,000 km.
Power steering problems that leaky seal can be replaced simply it seal, but when it is rather severe usually to be replaced its high pressure hose.
For the cost of wheel repair IDR 30,000 per item, the cost of servicing the power steering IDR 300,000, and the cost of replacing the axle IDR 150,000 per unit, all of these services not only include the price of spare parts.

List of fast moving spare parts
oil filter IDR 45,000, IDR 170.000 air filter, fuel filter IDR 340 000, IDR 360 000 front brake, rear brake IDR 240.000, IDR 270.000 tie rod, tie rod Long USD 1.12 million,

Car ownership credit simulation
with the selling price of IDR 58 million, then the installment of IDR 13.566 million, plus insurance
IDR 825 000, plus the administration of IDR 950.000, would first pay a total of IDR 25.641 million.

This article comes from tabloid Otomotif no 384 February 2011, with the change of my word, I hope the article on used Toyota Great Corolla SE.G M / T 1992, can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks wassalamualaikum.

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