Thursday, September 29, 2011


Mitsubishi Galant. These cars are known for having reliable performance. And the models that follow the tastes of speed lovers. But need extra attention to the piston rings and valve seals, two components wear out quickly, perhaps because of the extreme usage.

When you view from the capacity of 2500 cc V6 engine, the standard engine is creepy enough. Distinctive voice V6 configured engine, is make the feet itching to hit the gas deeper. Fortunately. this car transmission systems is capable to serve the power and the engine rotation.

Some owners who complained about the white smoke of Mitsubishi Galant. Coming out of the exhaust gas. If gassed smoke is gone, then the valve seals are leaking. But if gassed issuing excess of white smoke, then it certainly must replace the piston rings. For the price range of piston rings per set IDR 500000. And valve seals IDR 300000 per set. Price does not include workshop services.

Data Specification.
The engine capacity of this car is  2500 cc, V6engine configuration which use fuel injection, SOHC valve mechanism, use 4-speed automatic transmission.

And for its excess, is, models are not easily taken in time, accompanied by Leisure cabin, which maintained even though old age, especially if you get this car from the owner of the diligent care of these four-wheeled shark. Also, for the view is quite clear to the stern. If for the lack, only in the terms of treatment required maximum. And the majority owner, complained of white smoke coming out of the exhaust gas. Also some components that is a bit expensive.

Mitsubishi Galant loans Simulation.
If you take Tenor 3 years. With a selling price: IDR120000000, then the DP to be paid some 20%, a total of IDR 24 million. For Installment: IDR 3406000. Administration fees: IDR 1125000, plus insurance TLO: IDR 486 million. Thus, the total paid the first: IDR 33391 million.

Source: Tabloid Otomotif no 400 July 2011, I hope article about the used car Mitsubishi Galant ST A/T 2004 can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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