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How old is the lifespan of car window film?

Many things determine lifespan window film, can be based on technology and materials used. 

3M™ Window Film
Armorcoat Window Film
EnerLogic Window Film
Huper Optik Window Film
Llumar Window Film
Madico Window Film
Solar Gard Window Film
Sunscape Window Film
SunTek Window Film
VISTA® Window Film

Material window film.
material generally glass film using materials such as metal, tin or copper, limited lifespan window film is because of the material there is also material limitations. Maximum of about 5 years, since the warranty is limited to 5 years.

Type of damage to the glass film.
The most common diseases are corrosion, corrosion characteristics is the emergence of white lines like cracks and patches of rust brown. Umumnaya occurs on the sides of the window film, and eventually spread to the middle and makes window film easily separated.

And in addition to exfoliation corrosion can also be caused by poor quality glue, usually occurs after the age of 2 to 3 years of life, but this is true in the window film cheap, good brand that even up to 7 years terekat still strong.

The fall in the performance window film.

The older the ability of window film will also decrease, both in performance and reduce solar heat content contained in sunlight. It will also be experienced by the window film made ​​from a combination of carbon and metal (but no black-reflection effect) or a full carbon black.

But for a full carbon glass films, physical properties are starting to look faded colors, lighting effects (the ability to see clearly from inside the cabin) also began to decline.
And for cars window film brands, there are some high quality brands, such as Solargard, LLumar, Huperoptik, and more.
Hopefully this article about the life of the glass film can be useful for you. Thank you
This article comes from tabloid AUTOMOTIVE issued 10: XIX 13 July 2009

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