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Central Door lock problem and tips

Basically the central door lock work on every car the same, the only differences are in the car activation. Either through its own button or directly connected to the locking lever on the driver's door. be a key moment in the play all the doors flew open latch.

The damage that often occurs is when the central door lock on tap or drag on the door but no one sat locked or open. Could detect in the know by listening or not motor noise when the button push.

Do not directly accuse the motor is not working, first check terlebiah Socket connection cable, there are detached or not (pict 1).

It could be due to the glass when nudged up or down. Can also be worn as a connection.

Make sure the socket is still in good condition, if dirty can be cleaned by spraying liquid penetrant.

If the connection is good, the next component is the key suspect lid. Usually if this device does not work, the door can be opened or itdak in at lock. The reason for the feces to accumulate because of the dust. So could cause electric lairan hambata, it can even damage the switch. You can check it all. Are there listrika stream flowing or not, how to use the pen test if it breaks you have to replace new.

After all checked is still in good condition, the charge can be transferred to the motor causes central lock (pict 2).
Can be seen with the device driver is not bereaksinya when the button is pressed. The reason could be because of the age that makes baseball gear damaged and could push the opening lever. Or can be because the motor defunct due to short-circuit hit air. the solution  would to replace the new one.

In contrast, if the current button press sound from the motor but does not open the locking lever. This can be ascertained because the wire penguhubungnya apart, so it can not push the locking lever. How to fix live links back hook and tighten with a screwdriver.

Can also occur hook wires still connected, but not the locking lever up fully. So the door still can not be opened. The cause is due to the connecting bracket shifted so while encouraging full not moving (Pict 3).  

To that end, slide the connector back into position. The trick, just use a screwdriver to tighten ..

And for central door lock brand  there are many such as: Maplin

This article comes from tabloid OTOMOTIFPLUS NO.5A/XV | JUNE | 2005

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