Saturday, August 18, 2012

Car Windshield Repair Tips

It must be very annoying, if your windshield scratched, cracked, faded or mildewed. This could obscure your vision, especially at night. To overcome this, many selling products on the market in the repair, you can do yourself, but I do not recommend this.

To be much better, bring your car to an experienced salon, to get great results, and of course ask for warranty work. Type of damage to the windshield usually, cracked (whether large or small), scratch.

To repair scratches on the windshield. Usually saloon cars, use traditional polishing machines, and use a special pasta windshield. Note if the salon uses traditional diamond powder, as powder containing diamond, it can cause negative effects on the windshield.

Advantage Car Windshield repair, compared Car windshield replacement;

1. Windshield replacement
- expensive
- Time consuming (2-3 days)
- Fuss, should deliver, waiting time when the car is not used.
- Replace  new windshield films
- Bear the risk of seal leakage if the installation is not perfect
- If the glass is replaced, the windshield seal will not be as perfect as the original and this will reduce the sale value of your vehicle.
- The difficulty of spare parts for car windshields especially the latest

2. Windshield repair
- Low cost
- Quick process
- No need to replace the windshield film
- No risk of leakage, because the seal still factory original
- Neatness seal around the windshield remained as the original, because the repair process does not need to remove the windshield, so the selling price of the car intact.

But you must remember, that generally not all windshield damage can be fixed, there are some conditions, for the windshield, so that could be improved, i.e.;

Type of Sekurit windshield or Lamisafe, or Zone Lite (triplex glass)
Crack is not up to the of side
Each point of damage does not exceed the size of 3cm diameter
Crack length, not exceeding 15 cm (longer still, but the cost of repairs, more expensive)

Hopefully this article on the car windshield repair tips, can be useful for you. Thank you Regards.


  1. Windshields are important hence, seeing those cracks, patches or mildews in these auto parts can be frustrating. Bringing these to an expert should be the first thing to do for repair.

  2. true, moreover fairly expensive repair costs


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