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4 Car Windshield Problems

car windshield care
Problem of windshield
Many small problems that if left unchecked will become a big problem on the windshield, such as scratches on the glass that will cause cracks, mildew or spots. But it all can actually be overcome if you understand the type of problem, and how to handle.

Well, let us know the tips for the care of the windshield;

1. Fungi on the windshield

this is dirt, mold spots on the glass same as water, due to dirt on the glass, or often the case if after washing the car, or splashed by rain water, and not directly on the drain.
Glass mold problem in the car, is very annoying the driver, especially when it rains at night. Because if it rains, water that is on the windshield not going out in the broom by the wiper, so if exposed to the lights, will cause the refraction of light and cause glare.
This problem can solved by using anti-fungal medications, and to be much better, use the services of saloon cars, that have been experienced, due to the fungus problem on this car glass, requires expertise in handling.

2. Spots on the windshield

you could say the glass is damaged by fire, there are two kinds of spots, the white spots, can be caused by anti-fungal chemical.
The indication, the windshield looks like whitish smoke. This problem will annoy when traveling at night.
Second. The wave spots, the indication, car glass such as orange peel, bumps, or uneven waves.
Actually the spots occur due to faulty work, that caused by lack of good glass polishing. So, to avoid this problem, we recommend you bring the car to an experienced car salon to do your car maintenance.

3. Scratches on the windshield

there are two kinds of scratches, scratches which are caused by the wiper (direction appropriate wiper movement). This is because the rubber wiper is not maintained, or obsolete, or objects that block the rubber wiper, can be gravel or sand, or mud from the road when it rains.

Second, random scratches (uncertain direction), this is usually caused by exposed to foreign object, sand, also scratches on the glass side.

4. Cracks in the windshield

this problem is most severe, can be overcome by the injection technique. This injection contains a glass powder, a kind of liquid that will dissolve in the glass (glass powder),
to be much better, handed over, this problem to the car salon repairs, that have been experienced, to get maximum results.

Hopefully this article on 4 Car Windshield Problems can be useful for you, thank yours respectfully.

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