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PROTON EXORA STAR 1600 cc Manual Transmission review

About the Proton Exora Star 1600 cc manual transmission, the difference in this variant of the highest variant pretty much you know, when viewed from the outside of the rim is mounted on the Proton Exora Star is the rim of the can.

Not as high of a variant that uses Alloy rim. And also minus the fog lamp, rear spoiler. Also on the car body color rear garnish chrome on black whitewash. And the interior also gets a lot of changes.
Certainly if you prefer to play the DVD must be a bit upset, because this car audio minus the DVD player, as well as none monitor. Least can only play MP3 and also features a Bluetooth connection.

Safety devices. Do not be disappointed if the car does not have ABS, and AIR BAG, it is not without reason these devices are absent from this car, must sell this car because the price of Rp 150 million, right at the price that much other car manufacturers do not inculcate such devices. Simply about shortcomings of this car, let's lay out the advantages of this car, the car cabin is clearly among the most relieved segmented price of USD 150 million, and surely you already know the terms of suspension of this car is reliable because it embraced technology LOTUS, when to go at speed160 Km / hours the car is quite stable.

And when it comes to a manual transmission I think personally this is indeed a shortage, but also could be the advantages you know, because manual transmissions also have plenty of advantages, first in terms of better performance of the manual, and in terms of treatment manual transmission is also more friendly to bags, yes but if that would taste like a little trouble matic frequent transmission shift handle. 

This car rivals the price spanned 150 million, is the All New Toyota Avanza 1.3 G Manual Transmission, with a price: IDR 158 million (OTR Jakarta), All new Daihastu Xenia: 1.3 R Manual transmission, with a price IDR 154 million (OTR Jakarta), and Nissan Grand Livina SV 1.5 Manual Transmission with a price IDR 169 million (OTR Jakarta).

Data Specifications Proton Exora Star 1600 cc Manual Transmission 
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.592mm x 1809 mm x 1691 mm 
Wheelbase: 2.730 mm
enginespec: Cam Pro CPS cylinder, 16 valve DOHC  
Power max: 125 Dk / 6500 rpm  
max torque: 150 Nm/5000 Rpm  
front & rear suspension: Mac Pherson Strut & Torsion Beam  
Brakes Front / rear: vented disc / Tromol

The results of testing, accelerates from 0-100 km / h 13.8 seconds, from 40-80 km / h 5.8 seconds, from 0-402 m: 19.2 seconds, with fuel consumption, for the city of 1/10 and for Out of town 1/12, 5. The results of testing fuel consumption with a constant speed at 100 km/h: 1/14

This article was sourced dari Tabloid Otmotif edition of 35, 29 DES-4 JAN, with some changes of my words. Hopefully this article about the Proton Exora STAR 1600 CC Transmission Manual can be useful for you. Thanks wasalam.

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