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Toyota Alphard. Is an MPV of Toyota's classy, ​​lots of excellent features that make this car more special. But before you buy this car, it helps if you understand about the treatment of this MPV.
The advantages of this car, which has a large enough cabin, and this car certainly impressed elegant.  Besides, this car is also comfortable when driven alone.

In terms of treatment, the car is quite easy, because the availability of spare-parts are easily available, and can be substituted for other types of components from the Toyota brand.
workshops and services that have been able to fix this CBU cars.

By the age of the rather long, of course, circumstances this car is not perfect anymore.
The most common is, the case of a stuck sliding door. ie can not open automatically again, this is due to a broken sliding door gear. and you had to replace one set intact, along with the bike.
a price of around IDR 10 million.

And the problem is also found in the trunk, on the motor electrik, nah it's possible shortcomings of this car. O yes, the issue of car spare parts, have no fear  because are many either slow or fast moving from the car ..

for the data Specifications;
type of engines: 2.4 L 2 14 AZ-FE VVT-I, with the number of cylinders 4, uses 16 valves. The fuel injection system, capable of issuing a maximum of 160 hp Power, Transmission 4-speed automatic super ECT.

Measuring the cost of service.
As always do when servicing a car, the same is done on this Toyota Alphard, which includes checking the feet, the condition of the engine, to air conditioning. Car oil change is recommended at a maximum of 7500 km. Penggecekan such as, the condition of bushings, and steering rack, which had weakened with age, and the influence of road conditions are less smooth.

For parts substitution, this car can use a Toyota Camry, because the same base engine. it's just that there is a difference in supporting parts such as gasket, injector, and the item lainnya.Sumber: Auto service, Jl. Lt. Suprapto Jakpus, Tel 021-4213335.

This article is sourced from 02-08 February 2012 Automotive tabloid, with a change of words from me. Hopefully this article on used cars Toyota Alphard 2.4 A / T 2006 can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks yours respectfully ...

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