Saturday, March 31, 2012

New HONDA CRV 2012 changes

New HONDA CRV 2012. This car more spoils you with advanced technology. This car is a full Model change, ranging from the view outside and inside as well as the technology embedded in this car.
Changes on the outside make an impression this car become stouter, and more futuristic. From the look of the front grill, which gets quite a bit of change, make the look manlier. Plus the head lights are more pointed, and the front bumper is bent inwards.

In the stern, there is a change in the stop-lamp that characterizes the CRV. The technology used in the body of this car is Advanced Compability Engineering Structure (ACES), which functions to regulate energy collisions

Its interior is like an MPV, the middle seat can be folded flat floor 40:60. And to fold it, is not difficult, because there is a special lever on the left and right trim back seat, which can be achieved when you open the rear door. For technology in the cabin you will be spoiled by the presence of I-Mid access to information the car, Audio and SMS as well as Bluetooth or Hands Free link. Audio plus USB connection that can serve the iPod 5 generations.

There is another Eco Tech, this technology is changing the car setting becoming better fuel economy, and to enable it simply by pressing Econ buttons on the steering wheel. Car steering system uses Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering Technology. Which will guide the driver swerved towards the right, especially when slippery roads.

Engine is presented in two types of 2400 cc and 2000 cc. And most likely to be present in the country (Indonesia) is 2000 cc variants. Which uses a CVT transmission, which could provide maximum performance like the 2400 cc variants.

Engine: 2.4 l k24 a and 2.0 l r20a
Transmission: 5-speed automatic CVT
wheelbase length: 103.1 in (2.619 mm)
Body length: 178.3 in (4.529 mm)
Body width: 71.6 in. (1.819 mm)
Height: 65.1 in. (1.654 mm)

Sources: automotive tabloids no 33 December 2011. Hopefully this article on the NEW 2012 HONDA CRV can be helpful and useful for you. Thanks wassalamualaikum...

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