Thursday, March 22, 2012

MAZDA 3 hatchback 1.6OO cc manual 2006-2007

MAZDA 3 hatchback. This car is the target of fan of modifications, because in terms of design, this car seemed immortal alias seemingly everlasting. Can be said looks simple yet dynamic. Engine, no doubt about its performance.
Excess of this car is a very powerful engine. Plus with a performance suspension, so that makes this car to be brought speeding steady, either straight road, or speeding around the corner. One again, the resale price of the car is quite high. So for those who want to sell, could sell it expensive.

lack. Only spare parts are somewhat rare. This is because the car population is rare, so spare parts become rare. You certainly need to be patient to find replacement parts when it is needed, or there is damage to components. And from the cost of care which is quite expensive. Also the rods components that wear out quickly. This may be due to road conditions factors that are not smooth.

Data Specification
Engine: 1600 Cc, 100 Hp (78 Kw), 107 Lb / Ft (145 Nm)
Type Of Engine: 4 Cylinder Direct Injection
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Price component of the MAZDA 3 hatchback
Air filter: IDR 266 000
Fuel filter: IDR 467 000
Oil filter: IDR 113 000
Tierod: IDR 655 000 per unit
Tierod left: IDR 435 000 per unit
Front brake: IDR 739 000 per set
Rear brake: IDR 841 000 per set

This article was sourced from Otomotif Tabloid NO: 438 1-7 March 2012, with the change of my word, I hope the article about the MAZDA3 1600 cc Manual Transmission can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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