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BMW 520 (non VANOS) 2000 cc AT 1991, Black Oil Color

This post, about the BMW 520 (non VANOS) 2000 cc Automatic 1991, Experiencing problems on the Engine and Transmission. perhaps for those of you who experienced the same problem, this post may help.

1. Is this engine is also needed to do the valve adjustment?
No, because this car uses a HVA (Hydraulic valve adjuster), the valve system of this model. Valve does not need to be adjusted the gap, and the adjustment is done automatically by the HVA. Usually the engine with the valve system like this is more smooth sound.

2. What are the causes of stationary engines, hard to adjust?
the problems occur in Idle Control Valve; this valve controls the stationary RPM.

. Negative impact of the RPM is too low, at this time when idle on the transmission P or N range engine speed at 600 RPM?
If the
RPM is too low then the engine will easily die, and if the RPM is too high it will be wasteful of fuel. Another impact of the RPM is too low will cause oil circulation is not smooth, the engine vibration also be larger than the normal RPM, so much better, RPM adjusted to a standard the car.

4. How to know the transmission having Safe Mode or Limp Home, or the transmission jerking?
If the transmission is limp Home the Transmission warning indicator will appear Yellow shaped gear with an exclamation mark in it. Noticed this sign on a Car dashboard. If the mark appears, then the gear transmission is locked in position 3. If the automatic transmission jerking, usually occurs when gear shifting or acceleration. likely cause less oil, dirty valves, or lining up clutch.

5. Black exhaust smoke when the road uphill, but if slow, and in blazer smoke does not come out. Even though new Spark Plugs and air flow sensor is also new?
Check the condition and the spray of Injectors. The spray pattern and volume should be equal for all six cylinder, do cleaning with Ultra Sonic Injectors Cleaning. Then, check the Timing as well, such as Timing Sensor, both on the Camshaft and the Crankshaft.
Do also check the Fault Memory, using Scanner, who knows the damage recorded by the ECU. These steps better carried out on Subscription Service Station, or an Authorized Dealer, for maximum results.

6. Why the appearance of oil black and the smell of burnt and dirty, like a long time has been used although new oil change?
Consider the temperature of the BMW 520, the car has a working temperature of 98 ° Celsius. Careful when the temperature indicator is more than half, the engine will run Over Heat (burning smell could be caused by heat over). Better do tests such as step number five above. The smell of burnt oil, probably the effect of a engine that is less vibrant.

This article is a collection of consulting that come from Tabloid Otomotif 10 July 2011 edition with changing of my words.  

Hopefully this article on the problems of the BMW 520 Will not Stationary, Exhaust Smoke Color Black, Black Oil Color  can be helpful and useful for you. Thank wassalamualaikum.

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