Monday, September 26, 2011

NISSAN X-TRAIL Automatic Transmission 2005

NISSAN X-TRAIL Automatic Transmission 2005. Surely once driving this car, it will feel a sense of luxury in this car. also looks luxurious from outside view. Although there are some users who are annoyed with speedometer that located in the middle.

Excess of this car, ranging from 2500 cc engine which capable of producing more than enough power, especially in the city. Body is stout especially the black color. Also has a high ground clearance, so that is safe to cross bad road, and across the flood that is not too high.

This car is not a lot of shortcomings. Only from the noises that arise from the middle seat, which is quite disturbing. The sound was coming from the Seat Lever Puller, which is on the left and right side middle seat. Due to loose, so be noisy. The solution is not difficult, simply turn to the right to tighten the lever.

Other complaints in terms of Swing Arm. usually because the bushing, especially if you are over bad roads. A symptom is. There is soundduk-duk” from below. The solution is to do the replacement with new ones. Price is IDR 2.9 million per unit.

Tips, There is a tips for this car, which is about the specification of fuel. Nissan X-Trail should use 92 octane gasolines, such as Pertamax or Pertamax plus (Pertamax is a type of gasoline in Indonesia). Below the octane rating, the engine is so sluggish and even wasteful of fuel.

Price Fast Moving Parts
Oil filter: IDR 31 000
Air Filter: IDR 172 000
Gasoline Filter: IDR 162 000
Front Brakes Lining: IDR706.000
Rear brake lining: IDR 387 000
Tie Rod: IDR 480 000 x 2
Long Tie Rod: IDR 394 000 x 2

Data Specification
Engine: 2500 cc
Engine Configuration: 4 cylinders in line Injection
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic

This article was sourced from Otomotif Tabloid with the change of my word. Hopefully article about the NISSAN X-TRAIL 2005 Automatic Transmission it can be useful and helpful for you. Thank Wassalamualaikum.

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