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Civic ferio. This car is an icon of mid-year sedan `90's. Efficient, stable maneuverability and luxury models, as well as sporty. However, does not mean vehicles that interest young people have no weaknesses. In terms of this engine is rare to find a problem, the problem is with the hard suspension. Although comfortable around the corner, but on a bumpy road, was shaken. Actually, it was characteristic of the Civic Ferio, if the shock is replaced soft, then this car will be giddy. Would not pleasant to be speeding around the corner, or a straight road.

Honda Civic Ferio
This car has a fairly roomy cabin
Gas consumption is also economical, at least to 1: 9 kilometers in the city
Treatment was fairly easy and resale value fairly stable

Honda Civic Ferio Lack
Windshield frame need extra care, because of corrosion-prone
And the suspension is rather harsh
There are also some complained owners right power window is often jammed.

Civic Ferio Data Specifications
Engine capacity: 1600 cc/4-cylinder inline, V-TEC/Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC).
Transmission: manual 5 speed.
Fuel: can still consume low octane gasoline.
Fast Moving Spare Parts Price List
Oil filter: IDR 35 000
Air Filter: IDR 100 000
Fuel filter: IDR 130 000
Tie rod rod: IDR 277000 x 2
Long tie rod: IDR 295000 x 2
Front brake: IDR 420 000
Rear brake: IDR 290 000

This article was sourced from the Tabloid Otomotif No. 358 August 2010, with the change of my word, I hope the article on the used cars Honda Civic ferio 1.6 M / T 1996. can be helpful and useful for you... Thank you, wassalamualikum.

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