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Selecting The Right Transmission Lubricants

best trasnmission lubricants
Castrol Transynd / Amsoil TorqueDrive / Redline D4
Lubrication is the most important matters, both for cars with manual or automatic gearbox, adjust the oil specification to the type of vehicle, improper use of the power transfer will cause your vehicle to be problematic.

For example, for the automatic transmission, gearbox-old can use ATF DEXRON II, while the new car should use DEXRON III. Another thing with CVT-type transmission, such as the Honda Jazz or Mitsubishi Lancer engine INVECS II, should use ATF-Z1 specifically for CVT, the transmission might say otherwise.

And for a manual transmission, also not random, new car usually takes a multi-grade oil, unlike the old manual gearbox, lubricated enough dengna Oil type SAE 90, because the teeth on the gearbox is more dense, thus need more liquid oil. for that some brands of oil has issued a type of SAE 75W-90, 80W-90 and 85W-90, just adjust the recommendations of the manufacturer.

However, as an illustration, a conventional car is generally pretty mengggunakan 85W-90, while the SAE 75W-90 gearbox or a Special for axle which was equipped LSD (limited slip defferntial)

This article comes from tabloid Automotive 13 issue: XV 1 August 2005
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