Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Car Engine oil Dictionary

Engine oil Dictionary

For those who are confused to choose a suitable oil for his car, there are some tips, to determine the proper oil. First, of course we as the car owner, following the existing guidance on manual book. The book is already in the specified type of oil that is suitable for your car.Second, know the type of oil based on the type of engine, fuel, year of manufacture, and others.

Engine oil

Here I give a little term for gasoline engine oil.

1. SL for all engines that emerged in 2001
2. SJ for engines 2001 and older engines
3. SH for engines 1996 and older
4. SG for engines 1993 and older
5. SF for engines 1979 and older
6. SD for engines 1971 and older
7. SC for engines 1967 and older
8. SB for engines older than SC, may be used if recommended by the manufacturer
9. SA the use of the oil is equal to the oil SB type

Hopefully this article on the engine oil dictionary may be useful to you in choosing the right oil for your car. Thanks yours respectfully ..

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