Sunday, August 5, 2012

it's easy to change your car oil

Surely by doing your own oil changes, you can save time and costs. in addition to the way easy, it can also increase our knowledge about cars.


1. Preheat your car engine, about 10 minutes, then turn off and let the engine cool for 10 minutes.

2. Place the car on a flat floor surface.

3. Make sure the car in a condition to stop (not moving). use the parking brake ..
4. if you have a car that has a high ground clearance, no need to use the jack, in order to get to the bottom under the car. Conversely jack needed if you have a sedan type car.

5. jack your car. use Jack stands, make sure the jack stands are installed when the car is always raised with the jack. Remember, Do not be under the car if the car is still in the inflated condition.

6. To be safer, wear gloves made ​​from thick and heat resistant, while changing the engine oil, to avoid engine parts or bolts that you hold, of course, these parts of the heat.

Equipment To Perform Oil Changes On The Car.

of course you've set up a new oil, oil must be in accordance with the specification of your car engine. And for more details, you can use the manual, in order to obtain information about the type of oil, oil disposal location of bolts, etc..

1. Car engine oil

2. Bowl, used oil container

3. New oil filter,

4. Key oil filter

5. A set of keys to unlock the bolt

7. gloves

8. cloth

9. funnel

10. Two jack stands or car body buffer

11. Jack

Oil-Steps Replacement.

1. Heat the the car engine about 10 minutes, while preparing the necessary equipment. After about 10 minutes, turn off the engine and let it cool before you start changing the oil.

2. Then, place the the car on a flat surface, make sure the hand brake is on.

2. Car jack. remember, be sure the jack is on hard surface, to be able to withstand the weight of the vehicle.

3. Jack the front of the the car slowly and carefully, remember do not let the car slide to the back, so be sure to stop completely. enter the first gear. And chock the rear tires is the car, with stone or wood.

4. Look in the manual, where the location of the oil discharge screw. Usually located on the front-middle-bottom of the car (the carter).

5. Place the bowl for used oil container under the oil discharge screw. before the opening of oil. Open up the bolt anti clockwise. Remember, the temperature of the oil is hot, so be careful, avoid oil spill.

6. Make sure the oil out until it is completely discharged, meanwhile you can check the underneath of your car, check for leaks, or any other odd thing, also clean the disposal of oil closed last bolt.

7. after the oil actually runs out, lock the screw discharge of oil, in a clockwise direction, do not be too strong.

8. Replace the oil filter, with a new one. Also replace the oil filter seal with a new one, then install a new oil filter and tighten by hand. The new filter and tighten it with a key.

9. Finished installing the new filter, recharge your engine oil, filling of the filling hole located at the top of the engine, usually labeled OIL, use a funnel and pour a new engine oil slowly, fill the oil in accordance with a predetermined dose of the manual.

9. Heat engine, and do not be turned on at high rpm, let the oil circulate first. Do check the oil level again if required to do the addition.

10. See if there are leaks in the discharge of oil under the bolt, and the oil filter.
If there is, tighten until no visible oil seepage.

11. do not forget to record the date of this oil changes, car mileage as well as oil changes. it is useful to know when the time for you to do the next oil change.

Hopefully these tips on How To Change The Car Oil, is useful for you. Thank you yours respectfully.

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