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Toyota Cami
Dario Terios (China)
Daihatsu Taruna (Indonesia)
Perodua Kembara (Malaysia)
Premier Rio (India)

Despite old age, but pretty tough on bad roads and bumpy areas. However, symptoms are difficult to live or engine not powered to its attention, the condition of timing belt also not be forgotten. There are several things that concern when buying a Daihatsu taruna are still adopting the carburetor, one of which concerned the age of the timing belt. Reasonable limits the use of timing belts in the range of 40 thousand km to 50 thousand km, because if it gets brittle or broken, the effect will spread to other parts.

Furthermore, there is a small device which must receive extra attention, call it an ignition distributor to be located just below the upper deck trim. These devices have proven susceptible to water flow from the gap between the hood and trim the upper deck, especially when it rains or when washing the car, resulting in when the engine turn on would be difficult to suppose that the engine must have stalled.

Data specification
Engine capacity: 1600 cc
Configuration engine: 4 cylinder in line carburetors
Transmission: 5-speed manual


Able to carry 7 passengers
Model Of A Compact Suv That Was Driving Is Easy In
Free Of The Normal Flood Conditions

Engine mounting need extra attention
seating position is less comfortable second cabin
engine is less responsive

Simulation of the cost of car loans

OTR Price: IDR 77 million
Down Payment: IDR 15.4 million
Insurance: IDR 5.005 million
Installment: IDR 31057 million
Administration: IDR 850000
Total initial payment including first installment: IDR 24.36 million
Sources: Olympindo Finance, Central Jakarta

Measuring the cost of service
Filtter gasoline : IDR 45000
Air Filter: IDR75000
Spark plug: IDR 175000 x 4 pieces
Tierod: IDR 450000 per set
Drag link: IDR 650000
Bearing king pen: IDR 245000 x 4 pieces
Front wheel bearing: IDR 125000 x 4 pieces
Grease king pen: IDR 75000 per tin
Sources yanto motor (yan's speed) tel 021 8604505

I hope the article on used Daihatsu Taruna CX 1999 can be helpful and useful for you.
This article was sourced from Automotive Tabloid No. 357 August 2010, with the change of my word. Thanks Your respectfully.

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